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Wind Demon Shuriken For Sale Naruto Shippūden: Naruto Vs. Sasuke? Who Will Win???!!!!?

Naruto Shippūden: Naruto vs. Sasuke? Who will win???!!!!? - wind demon shuriken for sale

This is the difficult question .....
When Naruto and Sasuke in Naruto Shippuden face, the gain in your opinion?

These are facts, so far about Naruto and Sasuke in Shippuden:

Naruto-Fox's nine tails power
- What can be transformed into four tails fox demon is
- I have learned a new jutsu deadly "Wind Release: Shuriken spiral

Sasuke has the curse seal --
- The Sharingan
- Chidori
- A sword new weapon
- The ability to respond to the nine tails Demon Fox Naruto in the body and may limit the performance of Fox release.
- Consider also his secret jutsu is more not yet revealed.
- And, incredibly, he killed Orochimaru !!!!!

So ..... What do you think? Who is gona ????? win


potterfa... said...

Naruto, Heres and reason! Yes, "said Sasuke to Orochimaru, Jiraiya, but that Naruto is strong enough to defeat him, and Naruto was responsible Kakazu defeated the Akatsuki, but not the coup de grace.

And also the Sharingan Genjutsu to an end, but it also comes with the price of sending their users in a psychotic state.

Well, you said that Naruto Sasuke fight before? Well, you're right. He sent a lung Chidori Naruto but a mortal blow to anyone other than a Jinchuuriki. And if you look at it, Naruto could kill .... Suffice it to say that the only reason for Sasuke alive, because unrequited feelings for Naruto to Sakura, a princess pink (sarcastically).

Of course, Sasuke would probably deliver another deadly blow, but the Kyuubi healing Naruto, the fight will never end until the death of Sasuke knows that he is immortal, or the devil or something.

And RasenShuriken? Awesome move, even if a prohibited methodType of Kage Bunshin and who knows what else. Oh, and it is the fact that Kakashi said that Naruto to surpass himself, and almost Yondaime.

However, in all the battles, my money on Naruto.

Sasuke May wither and die!

SHI NO! Uchiha Sasuke! SHI NO!

strwbry said...

I think Naruto will win because, as he is the protagonist of the story. But in the preview of Naruto Naruto Movie 4 shows that could die so who knows. I also think that Sasuke their "brotherly" with Naruto I mean, there were many good times together, and it would lose a tie. by the way Sasuke should be free from his obsession with his kill itachi will kill everyone if she gets out of control.

Haruhi-c... said...

I would say, Naruto ... I mean, he has the nine tailed fox ... rasengan Oodama more ... I believe that when used in the nin tails .... Fox and Naruto fighting Itachi !!!.... Besides, who was trained by Jiraiya and never give up ...... =]

trillian... said...

Even Kyuubi said that Sasuke Chakra much more powerful and more sinister than the own.So I mean, win Sasuke.

The Funny Guy said...

It `persistent Naruto as Rock Lee and Sauske s more a curse mark of May, on anymomment so thats a drawback.

Or if you stopped looking for another point of Kakashi-sensei before a bad

Kitsune said...

All my friends think it's a tie.

YouGotTo... said...

If Naruto were to use the full power of the nine-tailed fox who has learned to release date would be my bet Naruto. Although Saskue has grown a lot, your chakra and the potential is nothing compared to Naruto.

cardinal said...

If they were fighting for the moment, I definitely think Sasuke would win.

I think Naruto will win something in the near future, even the game, although I do not know how she will have the new speed of Naruto game. I think if he is capable of an even more powerful that this can be done to transform.

Ventus said...

Naruto in his hands and the whole way.

Faust said...

Naruto probably because I think in the near future (I would say that under chapter 400 or N) ratio in a weapon that match Kusanagi (Sasuke's Sword) and also learned to control the wind. In addition, if the meat back Sasuke was very tired, because he fought against Orochimaru. Naruto is also known to fight Genjutsu. Also known as forbidden jutsu (Wind Shuriken).
Another proof is that Naruto never reaches its maximum power, Kakashi and Jiraya said that the queues, such as power-ups and only 4 (I think he will make a way) to learn this power.
Naruto is also determined, and it seems that every fight has become only stronger, even if it training. Speaking of education, now that you know that this new form of training you can do or learn new jutsu faster than anyone else. And so on ...

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