Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pinky Pics Com Pinkie/Pinky Finger Getting Fat And Tingling Feeling.?

Pinkie/Pinky Finger getting fat and tingling feeling.? - pinky pics com

Soo, a month ago was my left little finger to a lil more fat (below) have received and this tingling sensation from time to time. It does not hurt or stop responding. I do not feel any lumps that will not only get larger. I do not know why this is happening and how I can stop him. Thank you! : D

I have pictures if you want to see.


Jamal said...

I saw something on television, where ur, if the phone every day or sick cells, elbow and make ur fingers tingling and stuff .. see ur doctor or something.

linda g said...

Did you maybe can affect you grab your hand (right under your fingers and if you do not suck finger.Hot on the swelling of the epsin salt, not only is too hot, they do not want to burn to the tissue. Do you have a tight ring on this finger? holding jewelry from your fingers may be allergic to them. It is obvious that, when there is a close deleted. Tylenol, if you can, is my contribution to reducing inflammation Go. See your doctor if not improved.

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