Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reason 3 Orkester Sound Bank Reason 3.0 Problem...?

Reason 3.0 Problem...? - reason 3 orkester sound bank

I bought Reason 3.0 and I saved my portable hard drive, so I installed the PC crashed, but I still have the program on my laptop hard drive so I Do not Want to Be In Reason 3.0 Get my new PC, but I let my Friend, it is now, if I request the program on "Orkester Sound Bank" and says: "Wait Open to CD ..." But I Anymore CD, so what should I do now?

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sho_pro_... said...

If you do not have access to the disks, I suggest that you download BearShare and writing in Reason 3.0 ISO. Download CD 2 and 3 Then burn the CD and it is up to you. File sizes are combined with more than 1.4 GB, but it pays to rely on me .////////
If this is too much a nuisance that a copy of a small, but can send good price, my lips are sealed. :)

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