Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Felicitaciones De Bodas Frases Frases Tarjeta De Boda I' M Spanish, Is Correct This Translation ( Spanish To English)?

I' m spanish, is correct this translation ( Spanish to english)? - felicitaciones de bodas frases frases tarjeta de boda

Dear friend, happy new year 2009) are on the disc (CD:
1. A table, a PowerPoint presentation to explain what I have done in recent months.
2. A video where I play.
3. There are 3 pictures with everyone who has sent me gifts, I summarized all, they are so beautiful!, From which some are so vivid (animation), the color, an .. some textures! Thank you very much.
Thank you for documents, workbooks, notebooks, calendars and Christmas cards.
2 I show 4.Also send Christmas to them:
a) My PC
b) A new CD
c) autorun with a music player.

------ In Spanish ...
I want to say in Spanish:

Dear friend, Happy New Year 2009

InDiskette / CD, hay

1. The electronic card is a PowerPoint presentation, know what you have done in recent months.
2. A video in which I play the piano.
3. There are 3 images with all the gifts you have sent me, I have grouped together / connected everything is so pretty! , With these bright colors, textures ..! Thank you very much.
Thank you for the papers, records, books, calendars, and congratulations.

Send 4.También open 2villancicos:
a) My PC
New record b)
c) Any player with autoplay music.

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