Sunday, February 7, 2010

Height Of Collimation How To Make Levelling Using Height Of Collimation?

How to make levelling using height of collimation? - height of collimation



safe nafe said...

If one is through a scope / level collimation configured correctly, you will be perfectly horizontal. Looking for a computer or a meter, you will be able to read the height of the surface or object that sits on the staff. For example, if the staff knows the bed 2m fat is 2m above the land or an object. So, if you know the height of the piece of land (try to find a reference point that level) are calculated collimation. For example, if the ground crew 32M AOD (Above Ordnance Datum) and then add the personal reading (2m) for the collimation. The high level of Chubby (collimation is) 34 AOD.

If your level of collimation simply furnished. You can take anywhere staff and observation by the mass of a reading, then simply avoid reading collimation. For example, the reading on 2.376m, and our staff is collimation is 34 AOD

34-2376 = 31,624

So we know that the level at which the field 31.624m AOD

These are the basics of levelling.

Look - Try not to more than 30 million, as it may be inaccurate
- Ensure employees are vertically
- Ensure that the level of the squat
May have changed - if you move in the level of collimation, you must calculate the fade again as the height of the squat levels are

fritya56 said...

Back to (number of points of interest), then the view is from the front. creating layers halfway between the back and then readings of both personal reading on all relevant aspects to take to recover and move on. Reading height above the ground in people (vertical) and then received a series of readings, an overview of the strip of land in question if the readings indicate reduced soil type. go from a height of 100 m. Looking back to say (above) for playback on the staff is 2m. Readings in the mid-points of 1 m, 0.75. 0.25. the earth is rising, as is the reading of "downsizing". Reading of the staff is 2m. 2. 25m. 2.75. The Earth is in decline in the personal reading is greater. Thay are the basic level of practice, practice, practice should be the level and employees must vertically. PS to the Formula 1 team of the United States Cumberland Gap stolen (Mason-Dixon line) survey is ours!

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