Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweetness Of Abby Winters Pictures Why Does Boiling Sometimes Brings Out The Sweetness In Some Types Of Tomato?

Why does boiling sometimes brings out the sweetness in some types of tomato? - sweetness of abby winters pictures

I think that cooking, sometimes makes tomatoes taste sweet. What is the process of achieving this goal - it is something in the tomato is broken down into sugar?

And why, for certain types of tomatoes (cherry tomatoes, which I found) it is really less taste sweet, bitter, even when cooking, even if they have a strong sweet beautiful cousin?

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Nicky said...

Tomatoes do not cook increases its sweetness, but is innate in much of their sweet taste has to do with the variety of tomatoes. Plums are usually softer and much more, if you fry or bake. You really need to simmer not sure, but. Boiling can increase the acidity of the sauce. If you ever find the tomato sauce is too sour, just add a little honey for a sweet take.

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