Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blistex Berry Blistex (Berry Flavor)?

Blistex (Berry flavor)? - blistex berry

Hello, straight man here.
Recently I bought a lip balm (Blistex) taste of berries. I love the smell, I use on a daily basis. surprisingly, does not make me look feminine? No one took note of the WHO?


Seeker said...

Lip Balm Lip gloss is fine, but it is not, but if it makes your lips feel good, why not. I know people who use lip balm.

Stella said...

Well, if anyone has noticed, and he likes, then that is okay. Keep your request, at least you keep your mouth healthy:)

here today, gone to maui ★ said...

No, I put Chapstick on my BF (black, but not scented one). Keep your lips soft;)

sweety said...

close to continue to use only

mswildch... said...

haha. No, it does not.
Many people use chap stick. Its ok.

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