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Schematic For 6v 4ah Sla Battery How To Build A Circuit That Uses 1 Source Of Electricity To Supply 3 Devices With Adjustable Volts And Amps?

How to build a circuit that uses 1 source of electricity to supply 3 devices with adjustable volts and amps? - schematic for 6v 4ah sla battery

Specifically, I have to design or build a circuit that) take on board 12V 1000mA AC adapter (AC-DC wall transformer can be adjusted individually, and a further 3 (a pot) for current 3 Laser Power Supply:

6V 0mA (weakest performance) - 6V 120mA (force majeure) of the current
4.5V 0mA (lowest power) - 4.5 V 420 mA (force majeure) during
3V 0mA (Lowest Power) - 3V 340mA (maximum power) during

There must be a constant flow, as his handling of highly sensitive laser diodes with her 3rd

If it's a model that someone can give me or a link to a Web site to help me, or any other information at all, should someone please tell me to do.

A system similar to an input / output circuit as this would be so great because you always have the values of the resistance to change and the pan to the results that one might change and I know how you manage stress.

Thank you very much for the help!


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Anonymous said...

There are variable voltage regulator - both positive and negative output. This means that you can set the voltage to 1.3V to stabilize at a maximum of 24V to 32V - in the design of the controller.

With regard to the selection of National Semiconductor, which can be used negative control is LM337K in a TO220 package, or something compatible. These are three simple terminals - input to provide joint and / or output.They control input and up to 3A with a heat sink. However, they have no control over the stream. This would facilitate the parties in the current to limit level.In a desired effect when a voltage and current limited power. Forward while maintaining constant output voltage regardless of power consumption for the use of too. So you have to limit a cross-over condition in the design changes the flow ..... If the current increase above the allowable limit, the voltage drops automatically to the river-level set.

In my opinion, that is your question - I guess you do not want too much tensionLaser diodes. It would be destroyed. You need to limit the current with a resistor in series. Who can empirically by simply measuring the voltage across the diode and the current is to be determined in him by a variable resistor or potentiometer. It always starts with the lowest current setting (high resistance) and then work from there. The potentiometer should not have enough power to overheat and burn. You may have to use the cables of the wound. A regular cone carbon Audio control is not sufficient. Also - if you pulse laser unit or modular ...... Precautions must be taken to the top and bottom, if you use digital signals. Resistance in the composition of carbon and inductive work better if you set the appropriate value,

Visit the website of TI (Texas Instruments), National Semiconductor and others, and the type of voltage regulator. All application notes are. Or see voltage regulator of solid and Google search.

Hope this helps!

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