Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sickle Cell Anemia In Babies Sickle Cell Anemia Question?

Sickle Cell Anemia Question? - sickle cell anemia in babies

My nephew has just discovered that he and his girlfriend expecting twins. However, his girlfriend has sickle cell anemia and is treated by him. What are the chances that babies with him? My nephew is white and his girlfriend is African American. I do not know if this is the chances of children are affected or not.


give and take said...

Hello. Sickle cell disease is highly heritable. no other option, one to get, but the trends and the family genes. the only way to know whether the twins through diagnostic tests, while the twins in the womb.

Yes, there are diagnostic tests that are recommended by the OB-Gyne.

mrsticks... said...

Unless your cousin has the property.

The twins have meant the feature and the feature that they pass on genes when they reproduce.

Each parent transmits a gene, which is a total of 2 each

The bride = SS = sickle cell anemia
which can only give and S-gene
The nephew = NN = "normal".
All I can give a gene N
SS + NN = NP can only

If your nephew has the function
Nephew = related SN
Once again, the bride SS = sickle cell anemia
Then the possibilities are
SS sickle cell anemia 50%
Sickle cell anemia train SN 50%

But I think you know that your nephew, if he had a stroke
so that the twins have only the character.

Not the genetic code, but must be understood.
I remember getting a gene from each parent to answer.

I have a degree in biology and 40 years with sickle cell anemia

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