Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mermaid Towel What Do You Dry Off With When Both Ends Of The Towel Are Stinky?

What do you dry off with when both ends of the towel are stinky? - mermaid towel

My mother's father had once done a fight, do not wash the clothes again bcuz my mother said she forgot it on purpose. Everyone knows the towel with the siren is mine, but there were no towels in the sink, so that my father must have the towels used today morning and now its smelly. So, my hair is wet, and I will not dry my father dry with a towel, but with! Just cuz we grow argrew UPS stupid, how do I get dirty underpants to school for a week or more?


Elvis4ev... said...

Learn to use the washing machine and their own affairs and let them smell them all.
It is easy for the machine does all the work - only here does not know with dark matter and use a wash of 30 degrees compared to that which reduce them.
Lay them end up in the dryer and when it is completed as soon as drying, it is with the board, not very interesting. Let it not in the dryer too long, compressed ar all right. Good luck to all learn at some point!

Farkle said...

He has more than thirteen years, wash your own clothes! For this problem, use your hair dryer.

LizAbeth said...

It is quite old enough to make your own clothes!

john g said...

hahahhahah. all I can say is it is much perfume.

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