Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ecr Resorts List Chennai Chennai ECR Beach Resorts ? Can I Hav Some Names Of Them With Coments About Quality+pricing For A Weekend Stay

Chennai ECR Beach resorts ? Can i hav some names of them with coments about quality+pricing for a weekend stay - ecr resorts list chennai

Could you please list a few places on the path p. Chennai. I am looking for a weekend stay. I suggest a few .. safer place with good service and cheaper prices.


shan said...

Call and ask the cost. In my opinion, MGM, GRT, GB action is better and cheaper ...


mahendra kumar said...

MGM is a good place near a golden sun, ideal for the beach house, tell me your budget and planning days ur comment, I get some, I stay in Chennai, this weekend should be reserved in advance

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