Monday, December 21, 2009

Stroke Neurologist Can Paralyzing Effects Of A Stroke Due To A Pituitary Tumor Be Reversed By Successful Removal Of That Tumor?

Can paralyzing effects of a stroke due to a pituitary tumor be reversed by successful removal of that tumor? - stroke neurologist

A family member (male, 73 years) has suffered a stroke a year ago. He had a light. My neurologist has detected a tumor in the pituitary gland. Before he and his wife, a decision about the surgery to remove it could have the race a massive target. He lost the use of his right side. Gradually improve in the coming months, both physically and cognitively, the prognosis from the doctors. But last week it was suddenly easier. Now the whole face and neck will be paralyzed. His jaw, mouth and eyelids that do not talk at all and seems to have lost sight of. The only way the family did not even know it is completely out of it is that he responded appropriately to commands and questions by movements of the leg. It is also the liquid is present, can not cough, pneumonia remains. Quality of life is now zero. The family wondered whether the tumor resection is a good idea to move to modified (instead of nature take its course and / or removal of the feeding tube), or if it is too late for anything.

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