Sunday, December 20, 2009

Airsoft Helicopter Where Can I Get Info About Making A Custom Airsoft Gun For My Rc Helicopter?

Where can I get info about making a custom airsoft gun for my rc helicopter? - airsoft helicopter

I enclose a Airsoft gun on my electric helicopter. I need advice on parts, installation, activation, etc. .. The weight is a problem because the battery. I have an on 5 Channel Heli currently not used but is proportional - not simply to disable. Ideas? All links to the people to do something like that?
I saw construction crews of warships rc fire steel balls and they fight in the water. These restrictions will be the same, I want to use just about technology, to airsoft, I think.

Thank you!


CM said...

Visit a hobby store near you.
You can answer most questions.

crazytra... said...

If you manage to keep very careful about armed I mean 1 / 4 scale Corsair with 8-rocket, with a small bottle rockets, for the Memorial Day 3 years ago and almost lost our AMA Charter (No, we have the pressure regional Presant know) lol I think it would be terribly difficult for a helicopter power was my creation, with 26 ounces emissions wiring batt lighters, etc.

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