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Merits Health Products Seniors-Don't You Think Arguing The Merits Of A Non-existent National Health Care Plan Is Like...?

Seniors-Don't you think arguing the merits of a non-existent National health care plan is like...? - merits health products

... asked members of the Union to vote on a contract before it was negotiated.
.... To ask people to invest their savings in a new society, without data.

What is sown in a serious debate on issues without fear, vulgarity and hysteria involved?


Jim said...

I agree. We can discuss the benefits of health care all you want. But as you say, a plan that existed only in summary form, is almost a waste of time. And further to the attacks against the President than it would be a bit communist to ruin America, really makes people like me wonder what lies behind this hysteria. The Americans should know how this country. It is the Congress and the Senate, that reform will make the final pass and health care, while the President will do is put your signature on the final bill.

However, we see that ignorance in this category and above. He hates to decide on the common sense?

I agree with the Canadian writer. It is quite surprising, some of these people protesting against the benefit in the end what they see. The Americans have seen many models. As the authors have, Canada, England and Holland excellent programs for health care. Do you know the people some of the Mexicans in the United States are back in Mexico for health care. What do you suggest?

ABillion... said...


People are worried because the Congress tried to make a noise like a "Regulation on the National Insurance Bill, that you" you can keep your insurance provider, we are only a few changes. " You can do it, why they trust with a new law? Of course not. Perhaps if they were still a few more people trust them presented impeccable, but not too.

Suzianne said...

Do you offer your opinion or has questions about upcoming legislation would pass through their elected representatives to close the barn door lost cows.

Unfortunately, the city council meetings were initiated members of Congress to head empty and selfish. I understand the frustration of citizens who do not get the clear answers.

It seems that they express their concern as to which of the two ends of the political spectrum and from all age groups. It is a question of equal disgust with the system, regardless of their opinions.

rotorhea... said...

Get real.

One day is not much time to discuss a plan as large and complex that it wants to.

And it is all the time in Congress, and Obama will give us, if passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate before Obama signs.

They will not pass a final plan for the House and the Senate. You will be changes to the right until the very last second starts before the vote.

If you pass them, it's too late to talk. Obama is expected to sign within hours.

So no, in the hope that the final bill before discussing the topic a stupid idea.

connor g said...

If you wait, Obama will happen to pay a nightmare for our children and their children. You must now know that emptied the taxpayers do not pay for abortions, health care for illegal immigrants, and a system of health insurance. I Do not trust politicians to say the word, and what better to remember that 2010 is an election year for some of them. Dump them all is my motto!

jd said...

What happens if we only say Bama hire someone to discover a sense of what not know how. Socialism is not the answer. We do not need better medical care, we need better management, and instead only get worse.

Strange Brew said...

Upps and little fishes! Check the questions not be informed or the use of sow fear, vulgarity and hysteria?
Also ask! ~:]

CJ said...

Of course!

You will receive a star!


Maureen S said...

The question is, who uses fear, vulgarity and hysteria sow. If we fail to respond to allegations against health, then a conversation would be very costly.

There are so stupid and rumors in regard to certain points of the plan of care for the reaction of President Obama to them and try to fix things, was the only option.

I immigrated from England several years ago and now lives in Canada. I always had health care in my life, and never, never pay for any type of surgery, illness or specialists, etc. from their own pockets. I had never declared bankruptcy because one of my children got sick, I never lost a house because my family or someone had to stay in a hospital.

The submission to others, what were my experiences, all these years, they at least know what had other countries to offer their citizens.

For those of us around all over the world who have never lived without medical care - England, Holland, Canada, for example, the controversytion of health services confuses the mind. Why should not seem completely ridiculous for you to worry, because he can not afford, either through insurance or through their financial capacity.

There are many websites showing the overall plan of care in detail. We should do is check out to investigate, examine and decide for yourself. Or listen to President Obama and really hear what he has to say.

No one has to invest their savings in a health plan. But you have the possibility of losing their savings, without a plan for health care.

It would be no argument when the opponents have stopped trying to kill him since the beginning.

I am so grateful that my husband and my children I was not afraid to lose from any kind in recent years, our life savings or go bankrupt or lose their house, because one of us got sick.

I hope that our American friends to lead to a more relaxed life when someonePatients in the future. This will only happen if your health plan.

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